Our Services

Thorough preparation, quality products, top-of-the-range tools, and fully-trained tradespeople….

Interior Painting

No-one does preparation like we do!

When required, doors, frames, windows etc, are sanded/stripped back to bare wood.

We will fill all cracks, holes and imperfections on all surfaces.

Ceiling Preparation

We then use Festol sanders, with vacuum attached, to smooth surfaces whilst reducing the amount of dust in your home.

Sanding the walls

Needless to say, all your furniture is protected with our heavy-duty dust sheets. Lighter, more fragile items, are protected with re-usable plastic sheeting. Surfaces not to be painted are masked up using low-tack masking tape to ensure the surface is not damaged.

We use Australian-made paints from Haymes Paints, and by customer request; Dulux Paints and Taubmans. We will ensure to source the right product for the job.

And the job is not complete until we have cleaned up.

Exterior Painting

Preparation is key to ensuring a long-lasting repaint in our harsh hot sun.

To ensure the safety of our workers, and your property, we use scaffolding; provided and erected by experts, to suit each individual property based on access and painting needs.

Scaffolding providing access to high areas requiring complete stripping back, filling and painting


As trained decorators, wallpapering is a standard service we provide. Athough popularity comes and goes, the application process remains constant – and when you know, you know!

With many new products on the market, wallpaper can provide a completely new feel to a room – adding warm, texture, colour and interest to perhaps an otherwise bland wall. Feature walls are also a revolving trend but ideal for wallpaper – providing a backdrop to a beautiful piece of furniture, framing a window, or, perhaps, a scenic mural as a feature in itself.

Picture courtesy of Graham & Brown UK – Meiying Pepper Wallpaper


Our tools and brushes are cleaned using environmentally friendly products and methods.

Industrial-strength masks are provided for our staff for their use whilst sanding.

MacCormick Painters pay 15c per litre on paint purchases towards the PaintBack project – to responsibly dispose off all paint/tins, avoiding landfill and vital waterways, and research into their potential re-use.